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От Кого: Fred. Zwarts F.Zwarts@KVI.nl <CGatePro@list.communigate.ru>
Кому: <CGatePro@list.communigate.ru>
Тема: Re: часто встречаемые проблемы
Дата: Mon, 3 May 2021 12:17:21 +0200
I hope that Google translate was sufficient. I understood that you requested problems or enhancement ideas for CommuniGate Pro support.

One thing I often find difficult is to find my way in the web-configuration pages. I remember (part of) the name of an option, but I can't find the page where I can change it. It would be very useful if the admin-page would have a search field for options.
E.g., It would help if I could search for "Blacklist" and the result would show (possibly amongst others)

It sometimes helps to search on the web. I can often find the help-page for the corresponding configuration page, but unfortunately, the web-page does not show how to find the corresponding admin page. So, another enhancement would be that each web-page shows somewhere the navigation to that page.
E..g., it would be very useful if the help-page "Guide/Protection.html" would also show
at an appropriate place.

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